Aqua Business Coaching

At AquaTactics we believe the health of your operation is just as important as fish health – whether you run a public stock enhancement facility or are a private aquaculture producer. Studies in agriculture have shown that given the same stock and equipment, improving “STOCKMANSHIP” alone, will improve the health and growth of the animals AND improve the success of an agribusiness.

We firmly believe that good people and management produce good, healthy fish. Our holistic approach focuses on the “people aspect” of your operation and compliments our fish health services offering by leveraging our business expertise. We combine our 50+years of experience and training in corporations of all sizes, with the expertise of a seasoned executive coach who will guide you as you learn new skills.

This unique combination of training and coaching will arm you with everything you need to increase the value of your operation by optimizing one of your two core assets … your people.

Highlights of the AQUATACTICS STOCKMANSHIP TRAINING program for managers and workers …

The three core elements of good Stockmanship;
The benefits of good Stockmanship to an operation;
How to measure Stockmanship;
How to motivate workers to becoming better “Stockmen”;
How to foster better “Stockmen” in your team.

We believe that good people and management produce good, healthy fish and AquaTactics is your partner to get there.

EXECUTIVE COACHING for aqua businesses

An experienced and talented premier personalized coach will analyze your leadership attributes and current situation. The coach will work with you to become a more effective company manager/leader. Not only will this help fine-hone your management skills, but it can work to make your operation more efficient and smoothly run, enhancing your chances for success.
This is a serious and thorough program meant for top executives and leaders of larger aquaculture enterprises. Further details provided on request.