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1 Liter: $198.00, 4 Liter: $730.00

AQUI-S 20E®* is a water dispersible liquid sedative for finfish, crustacea and abalone. AQUI-S 20E®, used as an aquatic anesthetic and/or sedative, provides control in animal husbandry, fish transportation and hatchery operations. Using AQUI-S 20E® during transportation of live fish and animal husbandry lowers stress and reduces the number of moralities. AQUI-S 20E® can be used to sedate fingerlings to broodstock.

Active Ingredient-Clove Oil: AQUI-S 20E®‘s active ingredient is eugenol, a derivative of clove oil. AQUI-S 20E® contains 10% active eugenol. While clove oil can act as a sedative it does offer a slower recovery time and has varied results among species, AQUI-S 20E® does not have these limitations.

AQUI-S® New Zealand Ltd: AQUI-S® is a private New Zealand based company. The company strives to provide humane and cost effective products that encourage aquaculture and fish health. For more information about AQUI-S® go to their website.

The links below contains more information about AQUI-S®‘s wide margin of safety, humane foundation, fast recovery, fish husbandry and broodstock management:
AQUI-S 20E® Product Flyer, Guide, and Pricing

Eugenol vs. Isoeugenol Dose Response Comparison 
Aqui-S 20E® MSDS

For information about dosage, use the “AQUI-S 20E® Calculator”:

AQUI-S 20E® Calculator

*This product is in the process of being licensed by the FDA. Available through participation in INAD study. See below for more information.

For further information about the becoming part of the INAD list contact Bonnie Johnson the National INAD Program Administrator.

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