Custom Prescription Vaccines

With over 125 years of collective experience in TACTICAL design, development and field usage Aquatactics is bringing a new concept to the field of fish vaccines.

While aquaculture can be traced back several millennia, modern aquaculture and domestication is responsible for much of the research done on disease organisms and situations. Unlike traditional agriculture, aquaculture does not have predictable organisms, each situation requires a unique TACTIC. Aquatactics analyzes your situation and designs a custom and cost-effective solution.

Each and every vaccine is designed and assembled at our veterinary service facility under the guidance of Dr. Hugh Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell’s team, composed of veteran scientists with years of experience with major vaccine companies, will construct the proper construction, proportion and adjuvant choice to ensure the best option for your situation.

Aquatactics will work with you to monitor the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and tweak it as necessary based on performance at your farm through the long term.

Contact us and tell us about the problems that you are experiencing. With our experience and expertise, we will help you find a solution.