Custom Vaccines

Immersion and Injectable Bacterin 

Custom VaccineBig fish prescription adjuvanted injectable vaccine

These are not “off-the-shelf” one-product-for-all products.  Most of aquaculture is regional, new, extremely diverse, and with disease dynamics continually changing to benefit from fully licensed immunoprophylactic approaches similar to traditional agriculture. Our vaccines are designed and constructed in conjunction with a full medical consult by our licensed veterinary staff for your specific situation and needs. Complying with USDA regulations as per 9 CFR 107.1 exemption, Aquatactics Fish Health analyzes your situation and creates a customized and cost-effective solution.

We have more than 175 years collective experience in designing, manufacturing and field application of fish vaccines – second to none.  We have a good understanding as to what diseases and disease conditions are amenable to vaccination.  Not all are, or a vaccine option and technology will only pay for itself if the right vaccine formulation is applied under the right circumstances.  We can help identify these circumstances and work with you and your staff to meet the required conditions, and if possible, then we suggest an appropriate solution.  We then work with you in unprecedented fashion to monitor the cost-benefits of the vaccine approach at your facility and tweak the formulation as necessary to continually improve on the benefit.  Our goal is for the vaccines to be a minimum of 1:2 payback, with the goal of 1:10 to your operation.

In effect, our vaccines are NOT PRODUCTS. We see them more as MEDICAL PROCESSES AND SERVICES that are adjusted as needed, as any course of therapy would be in a medical approach to a disease problem. No one else is able to do this because no one else can combine the design and construction experience with the field use experience and qualifications. So, we think our approach is even superior to off-the-shelf bottles and bags, in terms of both safety AND efficacy.  How can it not be?

Contact us for more information about designing a custom vaccine. Our years of experience can help!